Ultra-high IntensitySMD LEDs with Domed Lens

Ultra-high IntensitySMD LEDs with Domed Lens

These highly reliable, ultra-high intensity PLCC-4 SMD LEDs with a domed lens are the latest addition to the 598 Series of surface-mount LEDs from Dialight.


• Top View SMT LED with Domed Lens

• Industry Standard PLCC-4

• Ultra High Intensity and 50mA Power

• Narrow Viewing Angle at 30 degrees features

focused radiation in a compact high reliability LED package

• Compatible with IR Soldering Process


• Console and Panel Lighting

• Signals and Push Buttons

• Backlighting for keys and displays

• Audio and Video Equipment

• Traffic Lights and Marker Lights

• Navigation Lighting

This top view SMD LED measures 3.2mm L x 2.8mm W x 3.5mm H and features a domed lens with a narrow 30° viewing angle. The focused viewing angle bundled with 50mA power guarantees a bright and high-contrast status indication for a variety of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) applications across all industries.

Applications include, but are not limited to Console/Panel Lighting, Signals and Push Buttons, Backlighting of keys and displays, AV Equipment, Traffic- and Marker Lights, and Navigation Lighting.

The emitted color options for these PLCC-4 SMD LEDs are Red 629nm (AlInGaP), Yellow 592nm (AlInGaP), Red-Orange 621nm (AlInGaP), Blue 468nm (InGaN), and Green 520nm (InGaN) and have a typical luminous intensity of 13000, 16000, 21000, 6500, and 25000 millicandelas respectively.

The LEDs have an operating- and storage temperature range of -40°C to +100°C (-40F to +212°F).

They are pick-and-place ready packaged on 7” reels and are compatible with infrared (IR) reflow soldering processes commonly used in the rapid mass production of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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