Our Partners.

Johanson Technology

With an experienced design team, JTI has been developing and manufacturing high frequency ceramic solutions for demanding RF/microwave applications for over 30 years.

By optimizing the ceramic and its coating and the RF circuit design, products with outstanding quality are produced on thin film and thick film technology.

Johanson Dielectrics

JohansonDielectrics, Inc. ist seit über 40 Jahren ein weltweit operierender Hersteller von hochwertigen Keramik-Chip-Kondensatoren.
In der Produktionsstätte in Sylmar, Californien, werden neben einer Vielzahl von keramischen Standard- und HV Chipkondensatoren auch keramische Filter- und kundenspezifische HV- und hochkapazitive Chipkondensatoren hergestellt.


Dialight is a world leader in LED technology for industrial, commercial and hazardous area applications.

In the field of traffic signals, Dialight is the market leader. For over 40 years, Dialight’s LED technology has proven itself through contemporary design and high reliability.

Product Range:

  • Antennas
  • Baluns
  • Capacitory (High-Q, Low Loss, HV, Non-Magnetic)
  • Chipset-Specific Impedance Matched Balun-Filters
  • Couplers / Diplexers
  • Filters (Band-Pass / Low-Pass)
  • Inductors (Wirewound & Monolithic)
  • IPC’s (Integrated Passiv Components) Modules
  • 90° Hybrids
  • Substrates

Product Range:

  • AC Safety Certified
  • High Voltage SMT
  • High Capacitance
  • High Temperature
  • X2Y® Low ESL
  • LICC Low ESL
  • SMPS Stacks
  • High Voltage Radials
  • Planar Array
  • Discoidal
  • CapStrate®
  • Custom Solutions

Product Range:

Circuit Board Indicators

  • LED CBI® Through Hole
  • LED microLED® Surface Mount
  • LED Prism® Right Angle SMT
  • Lightpipes Optopipe®

Panel Mount Indicators

  • LED Panel Mount Indicators
  • LED Replacement Bulbs
  • Neon / Incandescent
  • Military Indicators


The Japanese quartz manufacturer SMI is one of the leading quartz manufacturers with excellent products and above all reliability in development and production. The designs range from leaded packages to SMD types.


Ᵽᶔ has focused mainly on high-power products since its foundation in 1972. A dedicated team of design, sales and application engineers strives to work closely with customers to provide customized solutions based on optimized standard products. This enables fast development cycles with readily available samples at competitive prices.

Product Range:

  • Crystals
  • Quartz oscillators
  • Quartz filters
  • SAW filters

Product Range:

  • High Power Resistive Products
    (Termination, Resistor, Attenuator)
  • Coaxial RF Power Terminations
  • Ceramic Packages
  • Coupler
  • Drop-In/SMT Couplers
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